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A Winter’s Solstice

a13_h_60_8588There are so many heroine’s warranting our attention, so many whose sacrifices and deeds call for our bearing of witness, that there are hundreds, if not thousands, that I wish to name. Yet, I find, on this Winter’s Solstice as we spend the year’s longest night by the golden glow of candlelight, that the one I wish to name is the oldest heroine of them all.

Our home, our mother, the one who sustains us and gives us life despite all that we inflict upon her. Like stubborn children, we poison her soils and pollute her air, drill her core and cut her forests, silt her rivers and mine her mountains, and yet, with unyielding love, she gives us beauty and life; a rainbow after the rain,  the melody of the songbirds in her trees, the reflection of the sun upon her waters. She keeps us in line with the humbling ferocity of her storms, and teaches us to appreciate our modern amenities when we loose power, water. The Earth teaches us to appreciate silence in the stillness of the new fallen snow and the joy of new life in her spring awakening; a new bud on a branch,  vibrant blue eggs in a freshly made nest.

It is in this season of giving and of resolutions that we might pause to think of her, of what she gives us, and what we might give back. The little things that make huge impacts over time; cloth grocery bags, reusable coffee and water cups instead of disposable paper cups with plastic lids, recycling all the bits of plastic that find their way into our lives, composting our food to make new soil, reducing our carbon footprint by buying and eating locally, reducing (or eliminating) our pesticide use by eating organic and non-GMO. It’s not a soapbox – it’s a goal, for each of us, myself included. After all, an exhausted mother can only take so much 🙂

Happy Solstice !

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