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First Lady Michelle Obama


Michelle Obama

January 17, 1964 – Present 

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Eleanor Roosevelt, Claudia “Lady-Bird” Johnson. All of these women were just some of our many First Ladies of the United States (FLOTUS) who served with both honor and dignity. During their time in office, each of them chose causes of which they were passionate, that bettered the country, contributed positively to the world, and which made them powerful female role models for girls and women alike.

For the last eight years, we have been fortunate to have Michelle Obama as our First Lady. Her achievements are made all the more remarkable by her ascent to the position. Coming from meager and disadvantaged beginnings, she attained the post of First Lady of her own hard work and determination. She is not only the first African-American FLOTUS, but the first one to have not one, but TWO, Ivy League degrees, from Princeton and Harvard respectively. She has proven herself as a proud, loving, intelligent, and strong wife, and has raised two smart, confident daughters.

While Jackie Kennedy chose the Preservation of Arts and Culture as the cause near to her heart, Eleanor Roosevelt pursued issues of Human Rights, and Lady-Bird Johnson, Civil Rights. Mrs. Obama chose health and education. During her time in office, she established many health, physical fitness, nutrition, education and military veteran support programs including:”Let’s Move,” “Let Girls Learn,” and “Joining Forces.”
At the White House, she placed the first art installation by an African American female artist, Alma Thomas, went “all organic” in the kitchen, installed solar panels on the White House roof, and, re-started Eleanor Roosevelt’s Victory Garden on the South Lawn. Who knows, with the way things are going, we may all need one.

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